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Glenn is a theatre and event production professional, and has been working professionally for the

last 15 years in the theatre and events industry.

Glenn has worked in a range of roles from small to large-scale events, music festivals, corporate and community events and theatre.


Glenn began his career by graduating from NIDA in 2001, and spent the early years after graduating working as a stage manager and ASM. He also worked consistently for a few years as a lighting and sound designer for the independent theatre scene.


Glenn became the resident Production Manager for Griffin from 2004-2006, and again from 2013-2014, and since then, has predominantly worked as a production manager, both in theatre and events.


Glenn further developed his experience by spending 3 years traveling the world working in an eclectic mix of industries. This included a traveling circus through the south of England, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for 3 years in a row, a variety of UK tours and London based seasons, and a year and half of working as a 2-stripe officer on cruise ships in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean.


This has helped Glenn develop a strong background in lighting, audio and AV technology for theatre, music and events. After years of experience in stage production with bands, comedians, DJ’s, actors and musicians. He has spent the recent years managing theatre shows for Sydney-based and regional companies, in-house and touring nationally and internationally.


After moving to Melbourne at the beginning of 2015, Glenn has spent time touring a range of shows from dance, festivals to documentary theatre. Glenn has been a part of the First In Last Out team since 2011, and continues to work alongside this impressive team.

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