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This guide was developed as a resource to assist artists and small arts organisations in developing risk management framework and processes for their creative projects and organisations. In order to embrace the opportunities borne of artistic risk taking, a project’s stakeholders must utilise a robust Risk Management process to ensure that those involved in the process are not exposed to negative risk outcomes.


This guide explores the various components of developing and implementing a Risk Management process, along with overviews of key elements for the safe delivery of a creative project. It is accompanied by a series of Fact Sheets, as well as a series of Checklists and Templates to assist in the development of a Safety Management System for your creative undertakings.  Together all these components form the Artist Risk Management Pack!


Included in the FILO Artist Risk Management Pack:

- The Risk Management Guide for Artists

- 23 Fact Sheets covering areas such as Accessibility, Noise, Set Construction, Fire/Flame and Sustainability

- 14 Templates including a Template Risk Management Plan (and completed example) as well as Project Checklists and a font pack, to enable artists to edit all documents seamlessly



The guide, supporting documents and templates were developed by FILO principle, Emily O'Brien.  She has 20 years of experience as a Production Manager and Risk Consultant in the performing arts and event industries and holds degrees from the Victorian College of the Arts and University of Melbourne.


Please Note: these documents were created using the Victorian and Australian regulatory frameworks governing risk and safety management, however, the principles and templates would be applicable in a range of jurisdictions. 

FILO Artist Risk Management Pack

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